Kim El 
Kuumba Productions

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Words Inside My Head...

Response to the Killings

When he woke up that morning

he didn’t know that this would be his last day to wake up

thinking this would be

his last day...

then there was gun shot spray

everyone ran away & there he lay

Brothers r u listening?

this was his last day

Sisters did u hear me?

he passed away

accepting pain, death & dying

as an alternative way of life

gangsta strife

you know, don’t leave home without ur gun or knife

he bragged about having so many women

but now he’ll never know the love of a wife

he was hustling for his seeds

but a father is what his babies really need

now there's blood on the ground over crack & weed

i was at a non-violence meeting for peace

while shots rang out in my neighborhood &

the statistics increased

i'm on a mission to save one at least

its' no longer just up to the police

see, this brother didn’t get a chance to say goodbye

now his soul is on the other side

and some might call his death

Statistic Number 3, 245

but where I come from

we call a death like his


-Kim El. © 2001


Natural Naps & Drum Beats


you keep calling me

like my mama did

when the street lights came on

i hear you loud in my ears

& i better come when you call

because there might be 


for being disobedient

yes, i'm running home to you in my


your sun be tannin my skin

my hair be flyin free in the wind

i smell your sweet yams & collard greens

cookin slow

yes, i know my history

& i'm glad to be representin

a powerful people with a colorful past


i'm not gonna be the last to sing your 


i hear your drum beats

& i'm running home to you in my mind

i wonder what i'll find this time

-Kim El. © 2014

Poem For Sister Amargie

If I can help somebody, as I pass along

If I can cheer somebody, with a word or a song

If I can show somebody, how they're traveling wrong

Then my living shall not be vain

This is the song that lives in the soul

of Sister Amargie Davis 

watch her as she walks thru Homewood streets

advocating for troubled youth she meets 

her theme song is the rhythm of African drum beats

indeed    she is a statuesque Nubia Queen

and ya'll know

the blood flowing thru her veins is 

red black and green

Yes this committed revolutionary sister 

is a patient humble spirit

that means she's a quiet warrior

or maybe that's just how she wears it

And i'm not sure if you know this 

but this soft spoken sis be smiling

with her eyes

thinkin of grassroots ways to

mobilize, revitalize, neutralize

and if she could i'm sure she would


the youth to put a silence 

to all this gun slinging violence 

because that's what a nurturing Queen like her would do 

when she's decided that she's through

visting jails and funerals of people who look like me and you

Oh, yes  this is her song to 

any community  that is lost

a nation wounded 

a neighborhood torn

her spirit was born

to uplift and repair 

to pull everyone together 

brothers and sisters locked in unity 

like the strands in her twisted hair

together with her husband they will 

unselfishly share Islamic traditions 

blended in Hikmah (Wisdom) and Nitmah (Intentions)

an intentional wisdom for all witnesses to bear

Rashad and Amargie with hands held tight

she is the complimentary yin to his yang 

dedicated to what is universally right

She is a devoted mother showing unconditional love 

an unsung shero

with the characteristic of

someone who never complains 

and if you knew of all the work she has done

it would drive the average person insane

So on this 20th Anniversary Day 

we are recognizing Sister Amargie Marlen Davis as 

the heart and spirt of the CEA

who is on a mission to maintain urban peace

and if during this time on earth

she has been able to save one at least

one neighborhood     one child

even if they leave her presence

just wearing a smile

because hardship only last for a while

and because of all her devoted sweat and pain

her footprints will show

that her living will not be vain ...

Then her living shall not be vain

Then herb living shall not be vain 

If I can help somebody as I pass along

Then my living shall not be vain

-Kim El. © 2014